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Fence Company in Baton Rouge

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The privacy and security of your property is, of course, something that you need to take seriously. Although that might sound like a challenge, it’s actually easy. All you need to do is call us. Baton Rouge Fence Company specializes in providing a range of quality residential fencing for homes as well as commercial and industrial fencing for businesses, to help you make sure that your property is safe, private and secure. We can design and install a range of fences to match your property so that you can get the peace of mind you need and be sure that your home or business is well looked after. The services that we provide are available throughout the greater Baton Rouge area.

About Us

Our aim has always been to provide the right fence for your property. We know that the requirements of your property aren’t the same as the one next door, and you might have a number of aims in mind that are unique. Whatever your aims, we can provide a fence that matches them. Whether your major concern is security and safety, privacy or the curb appeal of your home, we can design and install the fence that you are looking for. The tailored nature of our service is why we are the best of the fencing companies Baton Rouge, Zachary, Central, Gonzales and Prairieville. We make sure you get just what you want.

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    Our Services

    We are fence company with the best range of quality services around. Choosing Baton Rouge Fence Company is the best and easiest way to get the perfect fence for either your residential or commercial property. We are the fence builders that specialize in the design and installation of a number of types of fencing. This includes wood fences, metal fences, both wrought iron and aluminium, along with vinyl and chain link fencing as well. We even specialise in gates and openers, including automatic gate operators. With our services, you can make sure that your property is safe, private and secure and put your mind at ease.

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    How Do I Get Started?

    There’s a lot that you need to consider when you are looking to get a new fence. You need to be sure of your aims, choose a material that’s suitable and as well as take into account a range of other factors. We know that this can be a lot to think about, so we’ve complied a guide to help get you started. We offer a free estimate, for both residential and commercial properties, and can help you whether your aim is to block wind and street noise, increase the curb appeal of your home or ensure the safety of your property.

    Chain Link Fence

    A chain link fence is the perfect option if your primary concern is security. This is because they’re tough and durable, can withstand a lot of damage and are difficult to scale. Along with that, chain link fences don’t obstruct line of sight, making them a great way to compliment other security measures that you might already have in place, such as security guards, cameras or even security lighting. Not only that, chain link fencing is cheap and easy to install, so it’s also budget friendly, and can be easily customized.

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    Wood Fence

    A wood fence is simply a classic, and there’s not many better ways to really boost the curb appeal of your home than with a wood fence. Wood simply has a natural appeal that’s hard to beat. But that’s not the only reason why wood fences are such a good choice. They’re also great for privacy and safety, especially useful if you have children, dogs or any other pets. We specialise in the design, installation and repair of wooden fences.

    Wrought Iron and Aluminium Fence

    For the combination of tough and stunning, there’s simply no better option than metal fencing. Metal fencing is really built to last and is safe and secure. Better still, it can be designed to create a truly elegant and modern look for your home. So, it’s also great if are looking for increased property value. When it comes to metal fencing we provide a selection of options, including wrought iron and aluminium.

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    Vinyl Fence

    The challenges that your fence must face, including exposure to the elements, require that you choose a material that’s really designed to last. Vinyl is just that material. Vinyl, or what’s also known as PVC, is a synthetic plastic that’s often used a substitute for wood. It’s highly resistant to moisture and the elements, preventing all the damage that they cause, so a vinyl fence will truly last. Vinyl fences are also easy to maintain and keep clean. As an added bonus vinyl is also considered an environmentally friendly material.

    Gates and Openers

    On top of providing quality fences, we also specialise in the design and installation of gates. We can match gates to the full range of fencing that we provide. Gates can be a great way to further increase the privacy and security of your property, and keep any unwanted people away from your home. We can design a range of different gates suitable for your needs or property, including providing automatic gate operators. So, even when it comes to gates, we can still provide what you need.

    Contact Us Today

    Want the best way to keep your home or business secure? Then Baton Rouge Fence Company is the quality “fence company near me” in the capital city area that you are looking for. Our quality design, installation and fencing services are available right throughout the GBR area. We specialise in wood, vinyl, metal and chain link fences, as well as gate and openers, perfectly suitable for both residential and commercial properties. Call us now to get a free estimate and to get started.